Community Planning

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This is the core concept that drives Jacobs’ approach to community planning. Planning is a complex enterprise no matter the scale: city, town, or region. A wide array of systems – land use, utilities, transportation, natural features, housing, economic, social – must be analyzed and addressed comprehensively in collaboration with the community. The unique cultural and historic context of a place must be recognized and respected.

A comprehensive plan is a community’s vision statement of itself now and into the future. It represents the aspirations of the citizens and their goals and objectives for the community. It directs the physical growth, development and redevelopment of the community, through the results of many public and private decisions.

We understand a comprehensive approach is essential to ensure that the overall benefits well exceed the trade-offs of actions and investments. We know how to foster understanding and craft consensus amongst varied stakeholders. The Jacobs’ Team brings the collaborative spirit, innovative ideas and realistic mindset required to build thriving and sustainable communities – the communities that its residents desire.

Cincinnati Land Development Plan